• Bankly is a voucher based payment solution for the unbanked. It enables people without bank accounts or debit cards make payments easily at point of sales merchant locations and online channels using USSD and the existing telco distribution network

  • AMPZ is an online media platform that connect the African sports ecosystem from grassroots using mobile and web technology. AMPZ mobile solution aims to bring Africa's 928 million sports enthusiasts together connecting them with like minds and African grassroots sports talents to opportunities. AMPZ engages over 6,000 enthusiasts on it's social media channels and plans to launch across 10 countries in Africa with focus on the 7 most viable sports.

  • Allprotech is an end-to-end lending platform for schools in Nigeria. Allpro’s solution underwrites credit risks for lenders while making financial-access easy for various users in the school ecosystem including school owners, parents and teachers. With over 30+ schools, Allpro has processed over $1.5M in school fees payment and recently acquired a significant stake in that will see us acquire over 1700 schools.

  • Bitmama is a crypto-fiat exchange that allows customers and traders to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies in Africa. It allows its users to create their own wallets and start buying or selling digital currencies by connecting with their bank accounts, credit or debit cards and mobile money accounts. BitMama also offers institutions and professionals the ability to trade a variety of digital currencies on a regulated exchange.

  • Nicademia is a video streaming and content distribution animation company for promoting the culture and languages of Nigeria and other African countries. The mission is to prevent the extinction of Nigerian and African Languages as well as create a market for African Animation. Nicademia is currently the largest video streaming platform for African animations with over 2 million viewers, 500 animations and airing on 7 local and international TV Channels including DSTV and GOTV.