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    Rensource is a new type of energy company built as a financial services business which generates electricity using small solar-hybrid systems that are installed at the premises of the end customer. At the heart of Rensource lies an internal “bank”: a balance sheet financing the systems, and a credit operation underwriting and servicing the collections from end


    Flutterwave are providers of on-demand access to modern cloud-based payments technology and secure infrastructure for processing payments across Africa via easy APls integration. Flutterwave is rebuilding modern payments infrastructure to connect Africa to the global economy by spurring a new wave of prosperity across the continent


    Adspread helps businesses optimize their advertising expenditure by tracking television, radio and social media signals. This will enable artists, brands, advertisers and other industry users make better decisions. The startup’s technology registers every piece of audio content it intends to track and stores it in a database.


    Mines.io makes state-of-the-art machine learning, graph, and optimization algorithms to build financial models for credit scoring and fraud detection. This system is integrated into banking platforms, payment APIs, and telecommunication infrastructure to provide a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

  • MAX.NG

    MAX uses Apps and Motorcycles to provide 3-Hour Delivery, on-demand. MAX Delivery Champions save the hassle of daily traffic. MAX differentiates itself with Speed, Electronic Mapping and Addressing Technology, 12 Hour Customer Service, a Motivated Workforce and Public APIs


    Tutor.NG is an Online Tutoring Platform providing tools for engaging and teaching learners and students with a mission to connect tutors and students all over the world.


    PrepClass is an innovative platform that enables seamless, quick and easy connectivity between learners and tutors.


    AppZone is Africa’s leading provider of home-grown Banking and Payment solutions with a mission to provide technology that empowers people with unlimited access to financial services.


    TalentBase is an easy-to-use Human Resource Management solution enabling HR managers and growing businesses simplify and organize their HR processes.


    SureBids sell and maintain an inventory of vouchers, which can be exchanged and spent at a closed but extensive network of merchants across Africa for a near-unlimited assortment of goods and services. SureBids’ products includes SureGifts, SureRemit, SureCredit and SureAid.


    Electronic settlement limited (ESL) is an indigenous payments company with over four years of experience in revolutionizing the payment industry in Nigeria. CashEnvoy and Paypad are products of ESL.