We believe in the hustlers and misfits

We invest in daring founders who have vision and resilience in spades. Founders who are running promising fintech and fintech-enabled startups. The ones who are busy challenging the status quo.

Acceleration program

Founders backing founders

We are operators turned investors with a track record of success in frontier markets. We have been on the journey ourselves so we know exactly what it takes to succeed. We are well equipped to support you on your journey.

We Help in Early Venture Stages

Get your idea off the ground

Just getting started? We can help build your business functions, like Finance, Operations, HR, Sales, and even Product.

What we offer at Pre-Seed stage

Acceleration program

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View Pre-Seed stage companies we have helped and see where they are today

Get your startup moving

Great work, you’re on your way! We can help you to go from prototype to product. Our experience, network, and investment can set you on the path to growth.

What we offer at Seed stage

Acceleration program

Capital investment

View Pre-Seed stage companies we have helped and see where they are today

We give frontier founders what they really need

We know how difficult the founder’s journey is. We have been there and we can help. We run lean as an investment team but we have the support of a large network behind us.



Navigate regulatory challenges


Market expansion

Grow your business internationally


Deep expertise

Have people who know in your corner



Access the best to grow your team

Success stories

Our past investments include some of Africa’s and Middle East’s biggest success stories

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